school age


Four year olds are more independent and ready to use their 
natural curiosity and imagination.  For this reason we focus 
on learning through “learning centers” such as:  language 
games, story telling, child-dictated stories, dramatic play, 
puppets, block building, music and movement, creative arts, 
science, and discovery. Because these children will be 
entering kindergarten the next year, readiness activities are 
included as well. These include: letters, numbers, shapes, 
size and color recognition.





toddler program

The developmental needs of two year olds are different than older 
children.  These children are coming together for the first time and 
our program reflects their special needs.  Our emphasis includes:  
encouraging language development, and providing opportunities for 
your child to socialize.  Large and small motor activities are planned 
with a safe and warm environment where your child can practice 
increasing independence.  Activities include:  art, music, science, 
stories, dramatic play, sand and water play and manipulative toys 
and blocks all designed for smaller hands and a shorter attention 
span.  Toddlers also have their own playground where safety is kept 
in mind.  The equipment is smaller and built for children just learning 
to share their space.

We believe infant to toddler develop at their own pace and in their 
own way.  We encourage motor and language development by 
providing a variety of activities from play to music.  We believe it’s very 
important to hold, read and talk to babies.  This develops a bond 
between the baby and the caregiver.  We believe in providing the best 
caring environment possible for your child.

Again, we are very aware that the needs of your school age child vary
greatly from the preschooler.  Our program includes: individual and
group activities, a time for homework, art, recreation, and relaxation.
We appreciate the fact that they have a full day of school.

Transportation for school age children is provided to and from FOUR PEAKS ELEMENTARY AND DESERT VISTA ELEMENTARY.  AVALON WILL PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION TO THEIR OWN FACILITY.  We also provide programs for any school holiday.  Due to the need for increased staff on such days, we will need to be notified in advance.

Three year olds are beginning to enjoy cooperative
play and to achieve interaction with others.  Children in this 
program are gaining independence in self-help skills and 
many activities involved moving their bodies in different 
ways to develop increased coordination.  We focus on 
dramatic play and block building, along with many language 
activities using books, games, songs, science, and art.